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THERA patient support

There for You Every Step of the Way

THERA patient support® is a comprehensive patient support program offering personalized services and a dedicated team that will support you at every step of your EGRIFTA SV® treatment journey.

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Our Patient Care Coordinators Can:

  • Enroll you in the EGRIFTA SV® Co-Pay Assistance Program and verify your eligibility
  • Identify your best insurance and coverage options
  • Follow up about your insurance benefits
  • Find specialty pharmacies in your insurance network
  • Help you get ready for therapy with educational materials and supplies
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Our Nurse Navigators Can:

  • Train you how to properly mix and inject EGRIFTA SV®
  • Share advice for starting and staying on therapy
  • Answer common therapy-related questions throughout your treatment
  • Provide financial assistance, resources, and information regardless of the type of insurance you have

Once your healthcare provider has prescribed you EGRIFTA SV®, call THERA patient support® at 1-833-23-THERA (1-833-238-4372) and make sure you are enrolled in the program.

Learn more about the program by downloading the THERA patient support® brochure.


Keep Exploring This Page to Find Useful Tools and Resources to Help You on Your EGRIFTA SV® Journey.

Start the Conversation

Before you visit your healthcare provider to talk about excess visceral abdominal fat and EGRIFTA SV®, you should ask yourself some questions.

The Doctor Discussion Guide provides some questions and can help guide the conversation with your healthcare provider.

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Learn How to Administer EGRIFTA SV®

If you have already been prescribed EGRIFTA SV®, download the EGRIFTA SV® STEP-BY-STEP ADMINISTRATION GUIDE, or watch the video to learn how to prepare and inject EGRIFTA SV®.