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Meet David *

David has HIV and managing excess visceral abdominal fat with EGRIFTA SV®. Here, he talks about his own story and experiences and helps answer some common questions you might have about EGRIFTA SV® and excess visceral abdominal fat.

* David has been compensated for his time.

How Do I Know if I Have Excess Visceral Abdominal Fat?


Despite exercise and diet, David found it difficult to get rid of his big, hard belly. “I felt constricted all the time and had a hard time breathing. It was impossible for me to even tie my shoes,” he says.

The symptoms may vary from person to person, but if you are a person with HIV who suspects they might have excess visceral abdominal fat, measure your Waist-to-Hip Ratio and use the results as a guide to speak to your doctor about your concerns.

How Can EGRIFTA SV® Help Me?


If you have HIV and have been diagnosed by your physician with lipodystrophy, like David, EGRIFTA SV® might help to reduce your excess visceral abdominal fat.*

Excess visceral abdominal fat may occur in part due to a reduced amount of growth hormone in your body. Growth hormone helps regulate how fat is used and stored in the body. EGRIFTA SV® works by stimulating the production of growth hormone in the body, which helps to reduce the amount of excess visceral abdominal fat.

“Personally, I am thrilled with the results I got from EGRIFTA SV®,” says David.

* EGRIFTA SV® is not indicated for weight loss management. Its impact and safety on cardiovascular health have not been studied, and it’s not known whether taking EGRIFTA SV® helps improve compliance with antiretroviral medications.

How Do I Know if EGRIFTA SV® Is Right for Me?


“Your doctor is the only person who can evaluate if EGRIFTA SV® may be right for you,” explains David. He encourages you to quickly measure your Waist-to-Hip Ratio to find out if you may have excess visceral abdominal fat.

You can download your results along with the Doctor Discussion Guide to help you have a meaningful conversation with your healthcare provider about excess visceral abdominal fat.

What Changes Have You Noticed Since Starting EGRIFTA SV®?


David noticed a visible decrease in his waist circumference* after a few months of EGRIFTA SV® treatment. “Occasionally I noticed a mild rash at the injection site,” he explains, “but I also felt less constricted and was able to breathe better. It was a big confidence boost for me!”

* EGRIFTA SV® is not indicated for weight loss management or waist circumference reduction.

What Are the Possible Side Effects of EGRIFTA SV®?


“Occasionally, I noticed a mild rash at the injection site, which is one of the most common side effects of EGRIFTA SV®,” David shares. Some of the other most common side effects of EGRIFTA SV® are pain in the legs and arms and muscle pain.

What Do I Do if I Am Uncomfortable with Daily Injections?


Like you, David was initially nervous about the idea of daily injections. “But within the first week of starting EGRIFTA SV®, it easily became a part of my daily routine,” he explains. David also found the THERA patient support® nurses very helpful in training him to prepare and inject EGRIFTA SV® comfortably.

If you are uncomfortable with your daily injections, the Nurse Navigators at THERA patient support® can help teach you how to properly mix and inject EGRIFTA SV®. Contact THERA patient support® by calling 1-833-23THERA (1-833-238-4372).


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