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EGRIFTA SV® (tesamorelin) for injection is an injectable prescription medicine used to reduce excess visceral abdominal (belly) fat in adults with HIV and lipodystrophy.

Taken once daily, EGRIFTA SV® is injected under the skin (also known as a subcutaneous injection) in the abdominal area.*

EGRIFTA SV® has over 10 years of established safety.

* EGRIFTA SV® is not indicated for weight loss management. Its impact and safety on cardiovascular health have not been studied, and it’s not known whether taking EGRIFTA SV® helps improve compliance with antiretroviral medications.

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How Does EGRIFTA SV® Work?

Many people with HIV have lower levels of growth hormone than normal. Growth hormone helps to maintain the body’s metabolism and healthy muscles. It also plays an important role in how fat is used and stored in the body, and not having enough can lead to the build-up of visceral abdominal fat.

EGRIFTA SV® is a growth hormone-releasing factor (GHRF), which means it causes the body to make more of its own growth hormone. By increasing the levels of growth hormone, EGRIFTA SV® helps to restore the body’s normal metabolic processes and reduce the amount of excess visceral abdominal fat.

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Proven Results Through Rigorous Clinical Trials

  • Tesamorelin, the active ingredient in EGRIFTA SV® was studied in two clinical trials in adults with HIV and lipodystrophy who had excess visceral abdominal fat.
  • Each trial lasted 6 months, with an additional 6-month extension phase, for a total of 1 year of treatment
Tesamorelin significantly reduced excess visceral abdominal fat in both clinical trials.

Trial 1

average reduction at 6 months


Trial 2

average reduction at 6 months

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People who used tesamorelin continuously for 1 year maintained their results over this period.

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Excess visceral abdominal fat returned when tesamorelin was stopped after 6 months of therapy.

Losing Too Much Lean Body Mass Can Negatively Affect Your Health

People with HIV may have concerns about losing healthy muscle mass, also known as lean body mass. During clinical trials, people who used tesamorelin did not lose lean body mass.

EGRIFTA SV® may increase lean body mass by up to 5 pounds.

Ask a Healthcare Provider if EGRIFTA SV® Can Help.